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How to read the shortened URL?  a min-e-artwork chosen by you personally
keyword: a keyword, created by you, describing the destination

So takes you by a min-e-artwork made by to VIRVIE's website

Where can I use PeRSoN.NeL links?

The shortened URL (website address) created on is a regular URL (website address). You can use it in e-mails, Twitter messages, on Facebook or where ever. The visitor of the link will first see the min-e-artwork you selected and after 7 seconds they will automatically be forwarded to the destination URL (website address). If the link is clicked on from an iPhone, the min-e-artwork will be shown in an optimised iPhone-screen.

Isn't the intermezzo an interruption of the flow?

Yes and no. It is a small detour from the direct link, but to quote Jonathan Harris "[..] when building worlds to house our digital selves, minimalism quickly crushes our individuality and leads to the kind of blah undifferentiated landscapes of shopping malls, corporate office parks, and many of today’s social networks. When building worlds, minimalism for its own sake should usually be avoided " (From "World Building in a Crazy World" 2009, section 'Simplicity').

What happened to a min-e-artwork I used before?

Some min-e-artworks we make available for a limited time or in a limited number only. Your previously created link remains available with the particular min-e-artwork.