Why PeRSoN.NeL

It's French for 'personal' by the way!

The idea for PeRSoN.NeL was born out of the desire to combine the beautiful and the functional. It's a product of VIRVIE | realizing la vie virtuelle and inspired by the postage stamp which, next to the function of proving the postage has been paid, can also carry an additional message. 

Since there is no need for literal stamps in the electronic world, we created "min-e-art" (mini electronic art). It allows a user to add a personal touch to their online communication. The hope is that it will become a platform for creative expression, next to a vehicle for conveying social messages.

For more background on the conception of this service go to the "From Reboot with Love" and "Living with Individuals" presentations.

Many thanks go out to Up2 Technology, Info.nl, Smidswater, EdenSpiekermann and OnLeon for helping out in the very early stages of this endeavour.